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What on earth has PR to do with tendering for work? The answer is more than you think when it comes to bid writing & management.

LGA can not only help build the key collateral around a successful bid – ramping up awareness of your company before submission and preparing the way for potential alliances with co-bidders. It can also provide a professional bid writing service using a hugely experienced and well-respected bid management specialist, responsible for delivering millions of pounds of tender revenue to SMEs like yours.

Our copywriters are expert in assimilating and understanding complex data from across a wide range of sectors and presenting it in a reader-friendly format. They will help identify your key messages and generate compelling and accurate copy that creates a positive impact and helps you stand out from the competition through professional bid writing.

We can also help prepare regional market intelligence reports from which you can identify a bid pipeline for future work, If you would like to discuss a specific aspect of your current bid or tender project, please call 01444 235475.