Susan Fleet at Burgess Hill Academy
Susan Fleet receives a warm welcome at her old school
October 29, 2018

Chloe the Cat’s Column: Chair CATastrophe

I was lazing in the sun today when suddenly I realised I haven’t updated my human friends in a while – you must all feel horribly deprived!

I must say I am enjoying this year’s summer more than last. The heat was unbearable last summer; I have never wanted to be bald but last year I seriously considered it.

Unfortunately for me, there is some strange new covering on my favourite chair. They go on and on about me getting my fur on the chairs and now there is this ‘foil’ impeding my access to it. It is shiny and cold and most frightening! I have attempted to approach said item multiple times, and have even politely requested it move from my spot but alas! The monster prevails!

For now, I have resumed my old spot next to the cold air machine but it does not provide the same satisfaction as rubbing my fur over new chairs. I have made it my mission to keep office chairs warm as soon as someone vacates them.

Some solace from this tragedy is the recent reappearance of previous intern Ruth. I was most surprised and delighted to see her and made sure to loudly announce this. I received a lovely stroke in the sun – very different to sunstroke I am told. Although she did refuse to share her lunch with me so I am somewhat irked.

I’ll keep my ear to the ground to pick up any tidbits of insider information. Strictly for you of course! I get no joy from lying on the ground at all.

Anyway, must go. I’m off to find some treats.

Yours furfully,