Lea Graham Associates MD, Susan Fleet appointed networking ambassador for GDB

Susan Fleet


If you’d like to be mentored by Susan, MD of LGA, or if you’d like to come on work experience, click here.

Why engage with young people?  Because we enjoy it and gain as much as they do…

LGA is proud to offer work experience placements to young people – some still at school and others in full-time degree education, studying media and public relations. Some companies are shy of offering work placements to young people –we’d urge them to embrace it because over the years it’s repaid us a thousand-fold.

The students have gained much from working in a small, full-service PR consultancy where they have experienced all aspects of public relations.

At the same time, the Lea Graham team has learned what tomorrow’s media professionals are being taught, benefited from their insight as young consumers and learned an awful lot about new social media! LGA is still in regular contact with the majority of those we’ve mentored, many whom have gone on to fulfil their ambitions in high-profile positions within the media industry.

And it’s not just young people who need a guide – new enterpreneurs of any age and individuals looking for a career change or a return to work can also benefit from the wisdom of someone who’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Which is why LGA’s MD Susan Fleet recently agreed to become a ViewVo mentor.

ViewVo is a unique initiative set up by chartered business psychologist Lucy Standing, which allows individuals to ‘test drive’ alternative careers in order to find the right vocation for them. ViewVo aims to match those looking for a career change with vetted experts running their own successful businesses, who agree to being ‘shadowed’ for a short period. To find out more about ViewVo, click here.

LGA believes in helping people find the best in themselves. And we’d like to thank these young people for helping bring out the best in us!