Funding alert: 04/08/17

Funding alert: w/b 21/07/17
July 26, 2017
Nasser Elaheebocus
Charity Networking Morning Raises Business Pulse
December 6, 2018

03/08/2017: Applications for 2018 Techstars ‘Anywhere Accelerator’ Open to Companies across the World!N64878

03/08/2017: COSME Programme – Training for SME-friendly Policies in Central Purchasing Bodies Call Open!N64873

03/08/2017: European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants and Synergy Grants Open to Applications!N64876

02/08/2017: European Parliament Annual Work Programme of Grants – Events Grants Call Open!N64863

01/08/2017: £1.8 Million ‘Start-Up Series’ Equity Fund Opens New Investment Round!N64848

01/08/2017: Chancellor Announces New National Investment Fund for Innovative Companies!N64832

01/08/2017: European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) – Support for IP Awareness-raising Activities Call Open!N64840

01/08/2017: IUK Biomedical Catalyst Early Stage Competition – 2017 Round 3 Open!N64843

01/08/2017: IUK Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Studies Competition – 2017 Round 3 Open!N64842

01/08/2017: RDPE Countryside Productivity Scheme Reopens!N64836

31/07/2017: IUK Launches Digital Health Technology Catalyst 2017 Round One Competition!N64817

31/07/2017: The Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund Open to UK Applications!N64820