Talking to the people inside your organisation is as important as communicating with those on the outside. Sometimes more so.

Because without a team that understands your ethos, motives and goals you can’t all pull in the same direction and you’re business won’t go anywhere.

We can help you communicate more effectively with staff, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in a number of ways and create opportunities for them to talk to you. Relationships are, after all, two way!

So, how do you build a communications hub that’s in tune with your business, engages with stakeholders and delivers your key messages?

Your communications strategy is the starting point. It will cover :-

  • where you are now
  • where you want to be (objectives)
  • how you are going to get there and by when
  • how long it will take and why
  • what is involved along the way
  • how you’ll know when you’ve got there (measurement).

LGA will help you develop your strategy, which will be research based, have employees at its core and be easily understood by anyone who reads it.

It’s important that your internal communication strategy aligns with the overall business strategy and objectives.
LGA can work with you on:

  • An internal communication programme
  • One-off presentations to key stakeholders, including staff and clients
  • Individual newsletters and internal announcements

We can provide:

  • Workshop leaders
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Professional corporate hosts