Music in Sympathy

Music is a touchstone for memories – a focus for love, a reminder of happy times, a tribute to a personality. At the final farewell, music can express powerful emotions beyond words.

The funeral of a loved one is not only a time to mourn, but a time to remember.

In grief, a favourite piece of music can lift the spirit, bring comfort to the bereaved and provide a poignant memory of those who have passed on. Music, as a celebration of love, is beyond compare.

Funerals are now embracing the full potential of music by moving beyond traditional hymns to a much wider concept of the order of service. From soloists to small choir ensembles, from harpists to string quartets – all can reach out to the heart of a congregation. A carefully chosen piece of music can provide a shared experience for all.

At Lea Graham we specialise in providing professional instrumentalists and singers to perform musical pieces across a wide spectrum of styles, from the classical repertoire to the popular songbook. Personal choice is the key, be it Mozart or McCartney, a piper’s lament or a soaring soprano, Ave Maria or We’ll Gather Lilacs.

Our performers are chosen not only for their superb musicianship but also for their impeccable sensitivity to the occasion. Each funeral or memorial service has its own identity, but all share the need for dignity and a sure touch.

Music in Sympathy provides expertise, advice and a truly personal service in a time of need – a time when the right choice can last a lifetime in the memory. We pride ourselves on hitting the right note.

Singers, choirs, organists, pianists, harpists, string quartets, pipers, trumpeters, violinists, guitarists, saxophonists, flautists, clarinettists, jazz bands, accordionists, other requests accommodated.

Our experienced team will be happy to talk through your ideas and requests, whatever your requirements may be.