Ruth’s Report: Penultimate Week :(

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September 1, 2017
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September 14, 2017

Ruth’s Report: Penultimate Week 🙁

This week has turned out to be one of the busiest: full of phone calls, paperwork and emails.

Until now most of my internship has been about generating new stories and leads to publicise Lea Graham’s clients. On Monday morning I got to see the other side of PR as we reacted to a developing situation and observed for myself crisis management. By the afternoon we had calmed things down and had the chance to deal with other tasks.

On Tuesday, we mainly worked on Electric Body as we recently received more stock. I had more experience of invoicing which I’m sure will be helpful in the future although I’m still not sure why so many adults complain about doing it. It’s not that difficult!

Wednesday was interesting as we had a conference call in the morning to discuss various projects with Simply Hormones. One of my friends had come up with a title for a press release I was writing about an event where women will bake bread and learn about the menopause. I was delighted to find that they enjoyed it so much, they’re changing the name of the event to ‘Bready for Menopause’. You can find out more here.

Today I am looking forward to meeting Trevor, a much talked about Associate of Lea Graham. I know little about him other than he’s mad (in a good way) and I’ll like him. Who knows what to expect?

I am excited for next week because it’s going to be packed with interesting things but it’s bittersweet as it will be my last week interning here. It seems like I still have so much to do but so little time to do it – there are so many things I want to finish!