Ruth’s Report: Research and Writing

Ruth’s Report: Website Whiz kid
August 18, 2017
Ruth’s Report: Penultimate Week :(
September 8, 2017

Ruth’s Report: Research and Writing

This week may have been short, but that hasn’t stopped it from being eventful!

I have come back from my week off sailing ready to get back into the world of computer screens, social media, and skin cream. Monday’s bank holiday has got me very confused about what day it is – at this rate I’ll turn up on Saturday!

Tuesday required a lot of catching up on what I’d missed, discussions about current projects and reading through emails I’d received in my week off.

After Tuesday’s catch up on what I’d missed, I got straight back to the keyboard, writing a blog about the damage the sun can do to your skin and how to combat this – fitting as I myself looked a little pink after sailing.

This week, the team and I worked together to outline a proposal for an upcoming Dragons Den inspired event which we are excited to get going. We also had a brainstorming session for potential press releases.

Working at Lea Graham is often really diverse – we can (and do) go from discussing a menopause blog to an ice cream caption in one morning. The clients are very varied which makes work so much more interesting when planning press releases, blogs and doing research.

Unlike a lot of fellow students, I enjoy doing research on topics I know little about, which I suppose is handy when studying a research based subject. Surprisingly, a large part of my time here at Lea Graham has been research and the things I have learnt have been fascinating – from the number of ice cream vans in the UK to ancient uses of various skin cream ingredients.

Looking through the work schedule produced for me has ensured that I have experiences that will be beneficial to my CV – and future career. There remains only a few unticked boxes but I’m assured this will be rectified in the next few days.

It’s strange realising I have done so much in what has felt like such a short space of time… that’s a really good sign. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, I’ll be back with blog number 8 next week!