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June 29, 2016
Community engagement & promotion
June 29, 2016

Brand awareness & strategic positioning

"Nice people like you are great to work with. Which is why we wish you a very Happy Birthday after 30 successful years in business!"

Mark Bennett, CEO of Bennett Christmas

Brand awareness & strategic positioning

Bennett Christmas Insurance Group

Background: This respected group of insurers, which grew out of the merger of two well-established, family-owned firms, was moving into a new era when LGA was invited to come up with a PR programme in support of its existing marketing and social media activities.

Brief: Our aim was to establish Bennett Christmas’ reputation as the leading insurer for mid-Sussex and a progressive voice in the national industry. Our starting point was to be the 5th anniversary of the merger, which allowed us to create widespread publicity in the local and trade media.

We focused on the people within BC, creating a variety of targeted releases and features that put a new, human angle on insurance and established management as a leading voice through one-to-one interviews and contributor columns.

But it was an introduction to key trade journalists and a single article in a leading insurance title that really brought the firm to national prominence and invitations to take part in key events followed.

Outcome: The coverage secured by LGA has supported the group’s ambition to grow organically and by acquisition. The firm is experiencing accelerated growth and is attracting the attention not only of potential business targets, but also the best young talent.