A chance to get your business wisdom into print

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June 28, 2019
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October 15, 2019

A wonderful opportunity has arisen to get your name and philosophy on life into print. One of our most venerable clients, the celebrated business consultant, author and senior visiting Fellow on Finance to the Cass Business School, DavidMellor (don’t get confused, he’s not a Chelsea supporter!) is writing a new book on how to transition from full-time work to semiretirement. Since leaving a high-powered career in investment banking, he has written three books via Filament Publishing Ltd on starting your own business; launching your own consultancy practice and the growing pains involved in moving from a successful start-up to a thriving sustainable business.

He has also co-authored a book on 30 top game-changing entrepreneurs. So David is well qualified to bring his wealth of experience to bear on the uncomfortable transition from hectic business leadership to semi-retirement – and how to get the most out of being the part-time but respected elder statesperson in an evolving company environment.

The book will be published later this year and David is inviting contributors to provide their best piece of advice (no more than 200 words please) on how you (or someone close to you) have made your journey into semi-retirement. The best pieces of wisdom will appear in the book and everyone will be sent a complimentary, signed copy of the new book when it is published in addition to an invitation to the launch.

Check out David’s website at www.davidmellormentoring.com
and email your pearls of business safe withdrawal wisdom to david@davidmellormentoring.com