Donna Harfield

Donna was born in Sussex, England and has been singing and performing for as long as she can remember. A natural performer, she started out in plays, musicals and bands as a teenager, taking every opportunity to be on stage and going onto study music and drama at the prestigious East 15 Acting School.​

Inspired by various artists of stage and screen, Donna has a natural draw to music and performance that breaks barriers, that exposes human nature at its barest and that taps into something ‘felt’. When asked about her own music, Donna stressed, “I write songs because I need to, not for any other reason. I write because sometimes I have these thoughts and melodies spilling out of me and I can’t control them… and it just so happens that they get pinned to air by music.”​

She goes onto say, “I write for me, first of all, and if there’s anyone else, who wants to come on the journey, well, then that’s great.” Donna recorded her first full album, ‘Tell the World’ in 2018 and has already been tipped as someone to watch following recent performances on the Southern England pubs and festival circuits. True to her acting background, Donna’s songwriting comes from the heart and is world-class storytelling, speaking from personal experience with universal themes. For this reason, her songs are engaging to a mass audience, moving and mending listeners alike. ​

Donna lives by the sea and loves London, having lived there previously for a number of years. When not singing herself, she can be found in the crowd dancing, enjoying the sounds of other performers, probably until the early hours.

The sound of Donna Harfield would make a very classy addition to your corporate event or party.

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