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August 17, 2018
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August 30, 2018

Fay Miller, founder and owner of Brighton Cakes, with Business Pulse’s MD, Nasser Elaheebocus

Business mentor helps give Brighton Cakes the ‘rise’ it deserves

There’ll be no soggy bottoms for Brighton Cakes. After receiving mentoring from Business Pulse the Sussex cake company is now rising.

Fay Miller, founder and owner of Brighton Cakes, was struggling to juggle her growing home-based business before she met Business Pulse’s MD, Nasser Elaheebocus.

“About 18 months ago my business was on its knees and I was considering shutting up shop for good,” said Fay. “I had plenty of work, but I was disorganised, chaotic and struggling to handle it. I just didn’t see a way I would ever get regularity in the business – and have a life too!”

Now Brighton Cakes has gone from being a one-person run, home business to having commercial premises, a team of helpful staff and an impressive turnover.

Through an objective stance, with plenty of experience, Nasser is able to provide a greater perspective and an alternative view to those struggling with their businesses.

Fay continues: “The great thing about having a mentor is that they will help sort out your priorities and sharpen your focus in a way that is much more effective than trying to do it on your own.”

“They’ll support you and advise you, but ultimately help you into a position where you can handle things on your own.”

Business Pulse develops solutions covering an entire spectrum of management. This includes, but is not limited to: business growth, corporate planning and control, finance and accounting, and crisis management.

The solutions they offer are rooted in their experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors.

— end — 17 August 2018