Easing the student rental dilemma

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September 4, 2018
September 21, 2018

Easing the student rental dilemma

There’s now a simple way for students to secure accommodation without the necessity of finding huge advance rental payments, thanks to a new service from a Sussex-based specialist.

The award-winning consultancy Business Pulse has extended its services across the UK, which is good news for the thousands of teenagers starting their studies and in need of somewhere to live.

Nick Carter, the founder and CEO of Home Guarantee, the partner company in this project anticipates this lifeline being extended to students across the country. “It’s quite normal for students to be asked to provide a guarantor before being allowed to take up a tenancy”, explains Nick. “Without one, they could have to find anything up to nine months’ rent in advance. This is common practice for International students coming to the UK and, for many, proves just impossible.”

The Home Guarantee scheme removes the need for this. By acting as guarantor for those students, the service can prove a real benefit for parents, removing the legal obligation that would normally be placed on them.

“As rent guarantor we will take over responsibility for the students – covering monthly rent should anything happen that prevents students from being able to pay the landlord”, adds Nick. “

The team works closely with private landlords and letting agencies to ensure the process of approving a student tenancy is as smooth as possible and, once completed, will issue a Rent Guarantor Certificate that a student can show to a prospective Landlord to prove they have a Guarantor in place.. Co-ordination is also undertaken with Student Union lettings teams and international departments within the Universities, providing support for every student requiring a guarantor.


The rent guarantor service, which is designed specifically for students and their landlords, is poised to work closely with Business Pulse founder Nasser Elaheebocus. Together, they intend to expand Home Guarantee beyond the South and serve students across the country’s 130 higher education institutions.

“Home Guarantee provides a clear and valuable service for students who are often looking to rent for the first time,” said Nasser. “I’m delighted to be working with the team to build a national support network that puts the customer first and makes sure students get the accommodation they want, when they want.”

Nick Carter welcomes the opportunities the new partnership brings and the ability to assist even more students: “Nass is renowned for first-class consultancy; his support will be invaluable and we are thrilled that he has agreed to support and guide us as we take our business to the next level.”

Anndrea O’Toole, Sales & Partnership Manager at the University of Sussex Students’ Union, speaks highly of their relationship with Home Guarantee Ltd: “To date, I have been impressed with the commitment and attention to detail Nick and his team have shown in their dealings with Sussex University Students’ Union, and their quest to be the best student home guarantor service in the market. We are looking forward to developing our partnership with them.”

Visit https://www.homeguarantee.co.uk/ or contact Nick Carter at nick@homeguarantee.co.uk or  01273 020312


Nasser Elaheebocus founder of Business Pulse and Nick Carter, CEO & founder of Home Guarantee