Rising Star Continues her Ascent at Visionary IT Company Extech Cloud

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January 20, 2020
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February 24, 2020

Nicki Conboy, Chief Operating Officer, Extech Cloud

Rising Star Continues her Ascent at Visionary IT Company Extech Cloud

As a demonstration of its commitment to providing the highest level of customer service which outperforms its competitors, Extech Cloud has appointed Nicki Conboy to the newly-created role of Chief Operating Officer.

As Chief Operating Officer, Nicki needs to have in-depth knowledge across the whole business, understand all of the systems in use and liaise with all operational units. Having been with Extech Cloud almost from its beginning in 2008 Nicki has successfully undertaken a number of roles and the directors are confident that she is the right person for the role.

Mid Sussex girl, Nicki, joined Extech Cloud when she was introduced to the company by a friend and was appointed as the new Office Administrator. When she joined, the company consisted of four engineers, two directors and herself. Today the Extech Cloud team has successfully expanded to 42.

In her first role Nicki became the ‘go to’ person and quickly started to expand the role taking on new challenges. During this time the company grew through two acquisitions and Nicki successfully completed a number of projects helping the company to transition to where they are now.

For five years prior to joining Extech Cloud Nicki worked for Lloyds Bank participating in a Lean Transformation, which proved invaluable to her position at Extech Cloud.

During her time at Extech Cloud Nicki has experienced great career progression with an enviable record of personal self development and won Rising Star at the MD Hub Awards.

Despite her success it hasn’t always been easy for Nicki. A few years into her tenure at Extech Cloud; an old back injury reared its head, making life very difficult. Unfortunately, surgery did not resolve the issue, and Director Andrew Hookway, recommended a gym in Lindfield taking Nicki to a consultation.

Ongoing work with the gym helped massively along with a special standing desk provided by Extech Cloud and ongoing support during her treatment. Nicki is now pain-free and enjoys challenges like Obstacle Course Racing and even hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa with her partner Richard whom she met at Extech.

Nicki explained, “I’ve watched the company blossom and seen the way technology has revolutionised business. It’s been fantastic to be a part of that and my new role will continue to impact on that growth.” She went on to say, “The support from the company and directors has been amazing – I really consider Extech Cloud to be my second family!

Andrew Hookway the MD commented, “ Undoubtedly Nicki has very good leadership skills which when coupled with her insatiable quest for self-improvement  leads me to believe that she could successfully lead a MBO if Extech Cloud decided to take that route at some time in the future .”

Note to Editors

Extech Cloud is an award-winning IT managed service provider based in the UK. Extech Cloud has supported growing businesses for over 30 years and has helped its customers achieve efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage through the use of technology.

The aim of Extech Cloud is to Humanise IT: delivering IT solutions, service and support with a personal touch.