Chloe the Cat: Paws for thought

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May 9, 2017
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July 21, 2017
Chloe the Cat

Chloe the PR Cat

Chloe the Cat: Paws for thought

Weird things are going on in the office… they’ve been moving furniture around and clearing out lots of paperwork – the shredder has gone into overtime. Then there’s been a lot of activity with something I hate – a vacuum cleaner. It’s so noisy and whenever they switch it on I head for the hills, or more precisely, under the car. In the process they’ve destroyed a good protein source of mine by removing all the spider’s webs which were hidden in the dark crevices of the office. How dare they – had my eye on those for when I’m in need of a tasty snack. They’re quite good for providing a little bit of exercise too as it’s good to play with the spiders before eating them.

Surely it’s a bit late for Spring cleaning? Can’t quite work it all out but I know something’s going on. I love being in the office and Michael sometimes gives me some of my favourite treats which sit on the corner of his desk, but they keep shooing me off and tutting about my fur. That never seemed a problem before… Personally I can’t see what all the fuss it, after all their hair comes out!

There is some good news, the black Labrador hasn’t been here for a while, so at least I don’t have to share my office with a pesky dawg.

The team have been mentioning someone called Ruth who they say is joining the team on Monday – OH, now I get it. That’s what all the cleaning and tidying is about. Well I just hope she likes cats, ‘cos it’s my domain and I’m staying. Whenever Trevor comes to the office, I scarper as he’s not keen on me. Surely it should be in the contracts that only cat lovers can work here – I mean, come on, it is important. We all know cats rule the world.


You’re right, Choe, as part of LGA’s commitment to mentoring (hyperlink) young people, Ruth Stevenson will be joining the team for 10 weeks. She’ll be the voice many of you will hear on the phone and we’re looking forward to introducing her to you.