Ruth’s Report: Website Whiz kid

Ruth’s Report: Reaching New Heights
August 11, 2017
Ruth’s Report: Research and Writing
September 1, 2017

Week six has passed me by in a blur of emails, blogs and biscuits. Although I have been working here for a while, I still learn new things every day and continue to become more confident in my ability to do so.

This week I have learnt how to create web pages and have been busy creating a page for each performer on the new entertainment website which we are planning to unveil as soon as possible. This has also included rewriting the website copy, uploading more songs onto soundcloud and finding good quality images and videos of each performer – harder than you might think!

Through working here, I have learnt the importance of getting aesthetically pleasing, high-resolution images for websites, brochures and press releases – without a good picture, the story is less likely to succeed.

Working at Lea Graham has prompted me to appreciate how much checking and double checking approval on documents there is before they are released. If something goes out that is factually incorrect, it could be misleading and potentially damaging – once it’s out there, it’s out there.

This week I have also dipped my toe into event management in preparation for a launch event for a new client next month. Fortunately, I’ll be able to attend on what will be my last day at Lea Graham… a fitting way to end my PR adventure.

My internship has involved a huge amount of research – far more than I could ever have imagined. I have really enjoyed looking in to the different uses and effects of each ingredient in the Electric Body range. It’s been a fascinating insight into the historic uses for each ingredient too.

Today has been busy with visits to various places. I visited the Dame Vera Children’s Charity today where Helen and Marielle kindly gave me a tour and explained how different items help encourage children with cerebral palsy to move. We also stopped in to meet with Georgie at Ockenden Manor Spa to drop off some Electric body and The Cream products.

Next week is a bit of a mini holiday and I plan to go sailing with some friends. This will be a whole new experience for me and I’m sure they’ll teach me the ropes (literally). Look out for blog number 7 the following week!

Ruth at Ockenden Manor Spa