Ruth’s Report: Week 3 of Work Experience

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July 20, 2017
Ruth’s Report: Week 4 of Work Experience
August 4, 2017
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Ruth’s Report: Week 3

It is nearing the end of my third week working here at Lea Graham and I am still enjoying it immensely. After a week off to visit friends and spend time with family, I have come back ready for more!

This week I have been working on updating the main media distribution list, helping with entertainment bookings, collating press cuttings and much more besides. I particularly enjoyed helping with Dame Vera’s post.

I have learnt an incredible variety of skills through working here – from how to upload information onto websites to how to draw up contracts and invoices; I am now capable of doing a number of tasks that will be helpful in almost any line of work.

Working here has given me the opportunity to learn about many different topics through working for varied the clients Lea Graham have and through Electric Body. For example, I have learnt more about the impact microbeads have, the benefits of natural skincare and even menopause. Although hopefully it won’t affect me for some years!
Through working here I have met several interesting people. Business owners, editors and of course the people I work with are among my favourites.

With yet another week drawing to a close, I am surprised to find how quickly the day slips away while I am here. Today I was transported back to University life at a Gatwick Diamond Business seminar at Sussex University where I met lots of interesting business owners.